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Coronation University. The world's first University to teach through Intuition. You will learn nothing but understand everything. Intuition is the only way you can gain actual knowledge. The knowledge mentioned here is not the breadwinning education but the natural law governing life. This intuitive knowledge goes beyond the intellect and senses of the body. You can never make a wrong life decision when your Intuition is fully active and serves as an understanding tool. Another word to describe Intuition is Silence. Understanding in Silence is the foremost knowledge one can acquire. Our University teaches through Intuition, which is timeless, ageless and deathless. Our University's courses are designed to develop your intuitive power. Your Intuitive power has been suppressed over the decades through wrong academic education. With Intuitive education, no one can lie to you; you will be able to see right through their verbal garbage. Your presence will bring peace and comfort to those around you. Fake people will dread your company as they know you can rip their masks anytime you wish. Our educational legacy dates back to 1949. Our University is not a commercial venture but evolved through a series of strange events orchestrated by providence. Would you please read the true story of how the University came to be and its definite purpose? The benefits you experience are priceless and life-changing. Enrol today in Coronation University. Reclaim your life and your heritage.

Hinduism Step By Step


254 USD


4 Weeks

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Your Instructor

R.Vijayann [ Professor ]

R.Vijayann [ Professor ]

Through a strange sequence of Providence. I have been chosen to teach humanity through Intuition. The only way you can understand the significance of your birth and how to make best use of it. You can never understand life or its purpose through your Intellect. Whatever is revealed to me through Intuition,I shall pass on to you in our lessons.

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